Wayne A. Lamb


Lewis & Clark Law School, J.D.

Western Oregon University, B.A.


Wayne Lamb is a multifaceted legal professional, attorney, and seasoned political strategist with over 9 years of comprehensive experience in the legal field. His expertise spans a wide array of legal disciplines, including civil litigation and criminal defense, along with a keen focus on legal research, writing, policy analysis, and collaborative policy management.

In the realm of civil litigation, Mr. Lamb has successfully represented clients in diverse cases, skillfully navigating through Contract Disputes, Personal Injury Claims, Constitutional Right Violations, and other legal matters. His strategic approach and in-depth understanding of the law ensure that his clients receive the highest level of legal representation.

Mr. Lamb's passion for Criminal Defense is equally apparent, as he tirelessly champions the rights of the accused and strives for equitable treatment within the criminal justice system. His track record includes the successful defense of clients facing a wide spectrum of criminal charges.

Mr. Lamb is not just an attorney; he is a legal professional who brings an extensive and diverse skill set to the table. His commitment to individual client needs, coupled with his strategic thinking and legal knowledge, makes him a trusted ally for anyone seeking representation in civil or criminal matters. If you are in need of a legal advocate with a deep understanding of the law and a passion for delivering results, Mr. Lamb is the attorney to turn to. 

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