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Corvallis is the county seat of Benton, County Oregon and home of the Oregon State Beavers and Good Samaritan Health System. Corvallis is nestled in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley, within 90 minutes of the Portland Metropolitan area, world class skiing, and the spectacular Oregon coast.

Criminal Defense

The attorneys that make up Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen & Weyer, LLC have appeared in the Benton County Courts in Corvallis and understand how your case will be handled by the local prosecutor. We Have a Corvallis office located conveniently near the courthouse. Our firm employs two former prosecutors, and a former police officer/drug recognition expert.

Family Law

Divorces happen everywhere including Corvallis, Oregon and our attorneys have the expertise to assist you whether your matter involves divorce, property division, custody, or modification of an existing family law judgment. Divorce is an incredibly stressful time for most people because your future seems uncertain. Our attorneys help alleviate that stress by guiding you through the process and protecting your interests.

Estate Planning

Every community needs Estate Planning so families can feel secure in their financial future and to prevent the government from taking what you have worked so hard to earn. Let our attorneys help you provide for your family's security. We help you create the estate planning documents you need to protect your desires and ensure security for people you love. Our attorneys spend time with you personally so they can understand of your estate planning goals in order to craft documents in line with your wishes.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen and the aftermath can feel overwhelming. Suffering serious injuries in an accident and incurring medical expenses and accident-related costs can take a toll on you when you are not at your best. Getting assistance from and experienced attorney can help you focus on your recovery and not the costs.

Contract Negotiation

Contracts are legally enforceable bargained-for exchanges. A flawed contract can prevent you from enforcing what you thought was you due. All too often people use self-help and find out later their contract is not enforceable, and they are left without a way to fix the problem. Our attorneys can assist you by drafting a contract that is iron clad.

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