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Newport and Lincoln City are located on the central coast of Oregon and are both destinations for tourists. Newport is home to the aquarium and many restaurants. Lincoln City is home to the Chinook Winds Casino and is a popular place for weekend escapes. 

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested in Newport or Lincoln City, you should find legal representation from a criminal defense attorney who knows how to protect your rights. After an arrest, many people feel shame or guilt and do not take steps to protect themselves. This is a mistake because the prosecutor is not looking out for your best interests. It is important to hire an attorney who can guide you in the process and set your mind at ease.


Oregon's laws against driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) have harsh consequences both in court and through the DMV. If a law official even assumes that the presence of an intoxicant - alcohol or controlled substance - is negatively affecting your ability to operate a motor vehicle, the official can charge you with a DUII. If you have been arrested for a DUII, it is imperative that you retain a Newport or Lincoln City DUII lawyer that can coordinate a defense strategy that takes into account both your criminal defense matters and the issues that may arise with the DMV.

Estate Planning

An estate plan includes more than wills and trusts, it also relies on careful and professional advice that is tailored to your situation. While wills and trusts are invaluable, a comprehensive estate plan should also incorporate a power of attorney and advance directive. These documents provide necessary protection in the event of an unexpected accident or illness. Wills and trusts are at the core of careful estate planning. Through the use of a Last Will and Testament, you can effectively transfer your assets to your intended beneficiaries at the time of your passing. A trust is a great way to transfer property to a family member or loved one in a way that avoids probate. Any property that is in your name at the time of your death may be subject to probate. Since the probate process is timely and costly, a trust is an invaluable estate planning tool.

Family Law

When you are facing a difficult legal matter, putting the law on your side can be one of the toughest challenges to overcome. Our attorneys are experienced advocates who can help you through a wide variety of issues using exceptional legal knowledge and thorough preparation. When you are facing a difficult family law matter, our attorneys and their skilled team have the resources you need to help you pursue a successful outcome. Attempting to navigate your case on your own is never in your best interest. Trust our legacy and reputation to help get you through your legal battle.

Personal Injury

Have you been injured in some way? Personal injury lawsuits are almost always rooted in the argument that the defendant was negligent—or in other words, did not exercise the same care that another reasonable person would have under the circumstances. If a Newport or Lincoln City personal injury lawyer can prove before a court or in private negotiations that the defendant was negligent, they may be able to establish legal liability for all ensuing damages. Cases do not always have to go to court before a settlement can be made. We have attorneys with experience in getting compensation for people that have been injured by the negligence of others.

Contract Negotiation

Contract law is an area of law that makes and enforces legally binding agreements, called contracts. Agreements and contracts are a common part of daily life for most people. When you engage in certain business transactions, you'll often sign a contract with the company outlining the terms and conditions of the arrangement. A contract outlines the terms of an agreement in clear language. Agreements, meanwhile, are even more common. Anytime you and another person embark on a mutually beneficial project, you've made an agreement.

Our Contract lawyers have two primary responsibilities: creating contracts and enforcing contracts. These attorneys help parties create fair, straightforward, and legally binding contracts for high-value or complex transactions. Should one of the parties breach the contract, or not hold up their end of the agreement, then our attorney can mediate a solution, or litigate the matter in court. If you need help with a contract issue in Newport or Lincoln City, call us today.

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