Personal Injury

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Personal injury includes not only physical injury but emotional and psychological harm also. The more serious an injury and the greater impact that the injury has on a person's life the higher the monetary reward will be. Compensation can include loss of wages and the cost of past and future medical bills which is called special damages and pain and suffering which is called general damages. If the conduct of the negligent party is bad enough damages can also include punitive damages which are meant to punish the wrongdoer. A spouse and children can also recover damages if the person who is the main source of income for the family is injured and can no longer support his or her spouse and children. Also, a family member who sees a accident or its consequences can win compensation for going through the emotional trauma of witnessing a family member's injury.

Negligence also includes violations of certain regulations and the law. For example if an owner of an apartment building violates the building code by having stairs that are too steep and a visitor falls on the stairs and suffers a serious injury the apartment building owner can be found liable for the injuries and damages to the victim of the fall. This type of negligence is usually easier to prove once the violation of the law has been established.

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