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Salem is the capital of the U.S. state of Oregon, and the county seat of Marion County. It is located in the center of the Willamette Valley alongside the Willamette River, which runs north through the city. The river forms the boundary between Marion and Polk counties, and the city neighborhood of West Salem is in Polk County.

Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen & Weyer, LLC have collectively handled thousands of cases all the way from first appearance through trial involving cases across a broad spectrum of seriousness from DUII to murder. The firm has access to experts in investigation, research and scientific/ forensic examinations, in order to provide winning defenses for our clients. If you are charged with a crime in Salem, Oregon you should contact Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen & Weyer, LLC today. 


Have you, or a someone you care about, been charged with DUII in Salem, Oregon? If the answer is yes, your first step is to hire a DUII attorney who actually knows DUII law; not one who just claims to know. The attorney you hire can be the difference between acquittal and conviction. At Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen & Weyer, LLC we have successfully defended countless clients charged with DUII. We rely on our two former police officers (and drug recognition experts) and three former prosecutors to systematically tear down the State's case when possible. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of proactively ensuring your wishes are in place so those wishes can be carried out seamlessly when the time comes. Without a clear and detailed estate plan, family members risk spending time and money in court to settle the allocation of assets. By establishing a comprehensive estate plan, confusion over asset allocation can be eliminated, guardianship for children is unquestionable, and taxes and court fees are minimized.

Family Law

Going through a divorce, dealing with issues of custody and other family conflicts can take a toll on your emotional and financial well-being. It is vital to have a family law attorney on your side who will fight for your rights and protect your interests. Our caring legal team understands how difficult these circumstances may be and can assist you with your family needs including custody, parenting time, enforcement, restraining orders, and stalking orders.

Personal Injury

Getting injured in an unexpected accident is a traumatizing experience. While you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of your options, you can take comfort in knowing that an experienced Salem personal injury attorney will advocate for you. You deserve a lawyer that is trustworthy and dependable. A friend who is at your side, every step of the way, who will fight with dignity on your behalf. As you're dealing with the pain and suffering of your injury or loss, let Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen & Weyer, LLC take charge of your case so you can focus on you, your recovery, and your loved ones during this difficult time.

Well-written contracts are at the core of good business. We write contracts that say what you actually mean and will protect you and your business. He believes it is his duty as an attorney to develop a relationship with his clients that allows him to truly understand their needs and how to best serve them.

Real Estate

Whether you are an individual preparing to buy or sell residential real estate or a contractor in need of representation in real estate-related litigation in the mid-Willamette Valley, contact Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen & Weyer, LLC, to schedule a consultation. With years of experience our real estate experts are prepared to assist you through real estate transactions or represent you in disputes. Ask one of our attorneys to review your legal concerns and recommend a cost-effective legal solution that will protect your rights and interests.

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