Criminal Defense

What do I do if I am arrested?

It can be incredibly stressful to face criminal charges. Whether you're facing drug charges, a DUII, or other serious criminal charges, a criminal defense lawyer can stand beside you every step of the way, protecting your rights and your reputation. The consequences of being found guilty of a crime can be immense. You need qualified legal counsel when your reputation, your future, and your freedom is on the line. Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen, & Weyer has attorneys who can help you with your case and offer you a roadmap forward.

When a person is under police investigation or charged with a crime it is a scary and nerve wracking time. It can be difficult to know what to do when your mind is racing. Police will mislead you in order to make their case against you. You may feel guilt and shame because you have been arrested and believe that your convictions is just a matter of time. Please remember that the government must prove all charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. With a competent criminal lawyer at your side, you can fight your charges and work towards more desirable outcomes in your case

Our firm contracts with experienced investigators that can help to uncover important evidence to prove your innocence. You can trust that we will work to gather evidence, witness testimony on your behalf, and develop a strategy that utilizes the legal system in your favor. Just because an arrest took place it does not mean that, you have lost your rights. You should always exercise that right. If you are charged with a crime, you most certainly need an attorney.

Should I hire an attorney?

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between a conviction and record. It can literally mean the difference between prison and freedom. If you have been charged with a crime you need a criminal defense lawyer with the reputation, skill, and experience to aggressively represent your best interests.

People convicted of a crime are subject to imprisonment, probation, fines and community service, among other penalties. Defending your criminal case in the strongest possible way is critical to your freedom, your livelihood, and your future.

The outcome of any criminal case depends upon the facts surrounding the crime charged, the strength of the evidence, the legal validity of law enforcement and courtroom procedure and the goals and strategy of the government and defense. We will navigate you through this complicated legal process.

The police left a message for me saying they want to talk to me. Should I?

Absolutely not. Police are trained to take a statement from someone they investigate. It does not matter if you admit or deny the allegations. They simply take the statement and then go about finding inconsistencies. Even if you tell the truth, they will poke holes in your statement. Then at trial, the prosecutor will use those statements to try to demonstrate you lied about trivial matters and so you must be guilty of the crime. Don't fall for this tactic. Hire an attorney to stop this from happening to you. The attorneys at Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen, & Weyer regularly represent people who have not been charged with a crime yet and prevent this very tactic from being used on their clients.

Are drug crimes still prosecuted in Oregon?

Yes. While there have been changes in the Oregon law recently de-criminalizing user amounts of certain drugs, the penalties for drug crime convictions can still be harsh. Not only is there stiff criminal penalties, conviction may stay on your record for the rest of your life and could affect your ability to get a job, a loan or even an apartment. Some drug convictions even prevent you from continuing to receive student loans. It is important to hire an experienced attorney to help you navigate your way through all the consequences of a drug crime conviction. The attorneys at Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen, & Weyer have just the experience you need to make informed decisions about your case.

What if I have been charged with a violent crime like assault?

If you've been charged with a violent crime, it's essential to find a lawyer who's committed to your case. You need someone who can protect your rights while offering the respect you deserve during this difficult time. A conviction for a violent crime can result in a long prison sentence, a hefty fine, and a permanent criminal record. Even first-time violent offenders can face serious consequences under Oregon's Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentencing scheme. Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible can be vital to the strength of your case. Attorneys from Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen, & Weyer  can provide you with a consultation to help you understand the steps involved in your case.

What is Measure 11?

Measure 11 crimes are certain crimes like serious assaults, manslaughter, and certain sex crimes. The penalties for a conviction of one of these offenses are severe. It is important that have an experienced attorney to help guide you through your case and do damage control on your behalf. The attorneys at Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen, & Weyer have extensive experience in defending these types of cases.

What if I am accused of a sex crime?

It is no secret that in light of the #metoo movement that people accused of sex crimes are fighting an uphill battle with the general public believing them. Here at Jarvis, Bridge, Halttunen, & Weyer, we are all too aware that many of these types of charges are the result of ulterior motives like child custody disputes, divorces, etc. We know how to perform our own investigation instead of just relying on the police to be fair to you. We have also worked with the leading experts in this field and we know how to get you the best result possible.

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